Customer relationship management (CRM) software transcends merely storing contact information.  A CRM application is basically a versatile tool that allows you to manage all forms of operational functions, including point-of-sale (POS), business development, accounting, marketing, and more - all in a single convenient solution. 

You may have known about all that, but how specifically do they matter to your law practice? Below are five ways: 

Greater ROI 

If you are not keeping track of your legal intakes, then you are losing out on a huge chance to enhance your ROI. You have to check whether all your calls or web leads are being professionally attended to, that every caller receives follow-ups in the way they prefer - text message, phone calls, e-mail, and so on. Essentially, you should determine if you are getting value for your cash and supply content in an avenue that people want.For more facts and information about legal marketing, you can go to 

Enhanced Customer Relations 

For a legal firm, the most critical thing is customer retention. There is no definite answer to this question, but most experts say the costs is between 4 and 10 times more to win a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Others say the cost of having a new customer is more than 30 times that of maintaining an existing one. You don't want anyone to think they were ignored, and this is one reason for you to invest in appropriately specialized legal intake software. It doesn't matter if your clients are calling or posting on social media - you should know about it and the most effective approach is to employ the best lead conversion and legal case intake software to stay up-to-date on all company mentions. 

Conversion Assessment 

The most successful marketing campaigns at are always assessed regularly. Your lead conversion software CRM also works with such a practice to determine the conversion rate. This helps you know the success of your tactics and apply changes if necessary. 

Cost Efficiency 

More modest law firms can now make use of technology to flourish in a very competitive market with more sizable companies. You may not have the resources to open a 24/7 client services department, but with the right legal case intake software, you can minimize overhead and appear to be that prominent firm that you aspire to be in time. Legal case intake tracking is aocst-effective tool to enhance your ROI. This is absolutely heaven-sent in an era where the cost of business operations keeps going  up. You can now trace each and every inbound call or website lead to warrant better conversion and ROI. 


Prior to searching for systems, do evaluate your law firm's CRM needs and requirements. Important factors to look into are price, company objectives, features, compatibility and finally, vendor reputation.